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A death must, by law, be registered within 5 days, normally in the registration district in which the death has occurred. We will be able to advise you as to the whereabouts of the relevant office. Under normal circumstances the ‘Medical Certificate’ (signed by a doctor) should be taken to the registrars with, if possible, the deceased’s ‘Medical Card’. The registrar will then issue the ‘Death Certificate’, a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (called the ‘green form’) for the Funeral Director and form BD8 relating to the DWP and state pension, recently the DWP have created a “Tell Us Once Service” the registrar is able to go through this with you at the time of registration.

To avoid delays, it is best to go to the register office in the area in which the person has died. You can choose another register office (in certain circumstances only) but it may take longer to get the necessary documents and this could delay the funeral arrangements.

If the person died in a house or hospital, the death can be registered by:

Deaths that occurred anywhere else can be registered by:

Most deaths are registered by a relative. The registrar would normally only allow other people if there are no relatives available.

What information is required?

Who can register the death?

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