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Private Chapel Blackwood

Intimate Services in our Private Service Chapel

We are proud to be able to offer families the option for intimate funeral services to take place in our Private Service Chapel. Built in 1886, the chapel has recently undergone an extensive but sympathetic renovation. Designed to offer families and loved ones space and privacy they deserve for a funeral service.

The chapel is situated in the Paddocks, New Road. The chapel seats around 52 mourners. It is an attractive alternative for those who do not wish a full church service or would prefer a short service prior to committal. It has an organ and integrated sound system allowing for favourite pieces of music to be played during the service. The cross can be removed if a non-religious atmosphere is desired.

The room has been specifically been designed to transform. Giving you the ability to personalise the service, making the experience reflect the deceased.

Initimate Funerals in Our Private Service Chapel

One benefit of using a private chapel is that guests have as much time and space as needed. The seating arrangements and closeness gives the services a connection, even when full.

Our private chapel provides the opportunity to spend some final moments with a loved one in a peaceful and private setting, before the funeral.

This opportunity to visit a loved one in a dignified, peaceful and comfortable setting can be a comforting experience. Mourners are able to treasure this final moment as a positive memory, which can also help bring closure and allow the natural process of grieving to begin.

We encourage close family and friends to personalise the chapel with items such as photographs, treasured items and flowers. However, we understand that some people may prefer not to use the private chapel. It is a personal choice that requires consideration.

private Chapel for all religious denominations

We provide funeral services for all religious denominations, therefore, our private chapel will include religious symbols according to the wishes of the family. Alternatively, if you prefer a non-religious environment we will remove religious items as required.

Visiting the private chapel of rest at the Paddocks

Our private chapel and viewing rooms are available for use at any time by prior arrangement. If you intend to visit, please ensure you notify us in advance of the date and time that you wish to visit.

For more information about our private chapel of rest, please contact us.  We will provide you with support, advice and information regarding the procedures involved. Call us on 01443 830328, email on info@sjnicholas.co.uk or fill out our contact form.

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