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How To Choose The Right Funeral Home For You

Choosing the right funeral home can depend on a number of circumstances. Whether you need a specialised service for a unique situation or just a basic plan from a competent director, we can offer a service to suit you.

Check out this useful guide on the different qualities of funeral homes, to help you decide on the most suitable plan for you.  


Specialist Funeral Services

Every now and again, the passing of the loved one can occur under unique circumstances. For example, if a friend or family member died overseas. Repatriation services are just one of the many unique scenarios that can happen during the unfortunate process of a loved one’s death.

Additionally, you could have specific requirements such as a green burial on a sentimental piece of land. Regardless of the situation, at Stanley J Nicholas we pride ourselves on offering services catered to even the most obscure of circumstances. This way we can ensure all our clients receive the ceremony they deserve.  


The Right Funeral Director For Your Religion

With over 4000 different faiths and religions, there is a huge amount of variation regarding ceremony and tradition. Christianity is by the far the most widespread religion in the UK. However, our country is becoming more diverse with every day that passes, so it’s important to ensure the funeral home you choose caters to your individual religious requirements.  


Pick A Certified Funeral Home That Cares About Your Wellbeing

Taking care of a funeral and the bereaved is a big responsibility. It involves extensive knowledge, compassion and experience to ensure that not only the deceased is taken care of, but that all arrangements are carried out as requested. That’s why it’s important that when you’re looking for the right funeral home, you verify they have the appropriate certification, and that they prioritise the care of everybody involved.

Stanley J Nichols offers a team of certified directors who are part of the British Institute of Embalmers and the National Association of funeral directors. So you can rest assured you’re being taken care of by our empathetic and certified professionals.  



Contact Stanley J Nicholas For Your Funeral Home

If you’re looking for professional, compassionate funeral directors, then choose Stanley J Nicholas as your funeral home. We’ve been in business for over 70 years as independent directors to ensure you receive the best ceremony possible. For more information, or to discuss our plans, get in touch today.

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