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A Guide To Selecting Funeral Music

If your loved one didn’t request specific choices for their funeral music, it can be difficult to know which pieces you should include. Taking time to select the right music is an important part of arranging the service, as it can help you remember and feel closer to the departed. In this guide, we share a few tips that may provide you with some inspiration.

Entering The Funeral 

As the congregation enter the funeral venue, they usually do so to a song or piece of music. As emotions and nerves are likely to be high, it’s usually best to keep this music on the calmer side, rather than going for anything too upbeat. Some pleasant and meaningful options could be the song the deceased danced to at their wedding, a classical piece, or the score of a much loved film.

Consider Your Loved One

A good starting place for choosing funeral music is considering what genre or songs the deceased particularly enjoyed. If they were a religious person, traditional hymns may be incredibly pointed and touching. Moreover, choosing music by the deceased’s favourite artist also serves as a touching tribute. You can even consider the time of year they passed away to help your decision. For example, if you lost someone near Christmas, you could include their favourite carol.

Leaving The Funeral 

Leaving the service on a low, sombre note doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. Even though you are likely to feel sad and emotional, it’s much more uplifting to exit the service on a high. So, when it comes to selecting the funeral music you will leave to, try to find something with a positive theme. For sports fans, why not play their team’s anthem? Or, for 80’s lovers a disco classic can have an amazing effect. You could also opt for a song with meaningful, hopeful lyrics about the future.

Ask Your Celebrant For Help Choosing Funeral Music

Talk to your celebrant if you are experiencing difficulty deciding on music. They are sure to have several suggestions from a variety of genres that represent your loved one’s values and tastes. 

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