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What Are The Most Traditional Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers can help to add a personal touch to your loved one’s service. However, getting the right ones can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. To help you, we have put together a list of the most traditional choices. 

White Lillies

White lilies are typically considered as the most popular choice for funeral flowers. According to Christianity, white lilies symbolise purity and suggest that the soul of your loved one has returned to God. However, many non-religious families also choose to incorporate lilies in their flower arrangements for their beauty and tranquillity.


Another traditional choice for funeral flowers are roses. However, what makes these flowers particularly unique is that each colour comes with a different meaning. Whilst red roses have romantic connotations, pink roses represent respect. Moreover, yellow roses symbolise friendship. So, if you aren’t sure which roses to go for, understanding what each colour represents can assist you in making a decision.


Carnations are a traditional option for funerals as they typically signify sympathy and grief. Their petite shape makes them ideal for delicate, smaller arrangements. What’s more, they are also perfect for letter tributes and wreaths due to their dainty petals.


Though roses and lilies are typically the most popular funeral flowers, irises are a stunning, less common option. With their deep violet shade and central burst of yellow, this flower represents faith and hope. They also have an interesting link to Greek mythology, as the goddess, Iris, was believed to guide souls on their journey to the afterlife. 


Although white tulips tend to be the most popular of their kind for funeral flowers, they actually come in a wide range of classifications and colours. For instance, yellow tulips are popular for services in the spring, and red tulips, like roses, symbolise everlasting love. 

Funeral Flowers

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