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How To Make A Funeral Service More Personal

Adding personal touches to a funeral service is a wonderful way to feel closer to the person you have lost.  In this short guide, we share a few tips to personalise your loved one’s funeral and remember their life.

Create A Unique Order Of Service

A funeral can be made to feel much more intimate by creating a unique order of service. Plus, knowing that your loved one’s order of service differs from everyone else’s can be comforting. To make it more personal, you could print the booklet onto coloured paper, or use a font which reflects their personality. You can also decorate the front page with a meaningful border. Perhaps they had a favourite animal, flower, or even sport that you could use for inspiration. As a touching tribute, you could also include their last words, if you knew them, or a phrase they were known for saying.

Implement A Dress Code For The Funeral Service

Having a dress code for the funeral service can be much more personal than the standard black attire. In fact, mixing up your clothing can help you feel connected to the person you have lost. For devoted sports fans, ask your guests to wear the team colours. Or, simply invite people to wear something in your loved one’s favourite colour or one which represents their personality. This could be anything from a hat to a pair of shoes. Of course, if classic black clothing feels more appropriate, it’s important to wear what feels right for the occasion.

Create A Video Or Slideshow

A memorial video or slideshow is a truly touching way to make a funeral service more personal. As choosing just a few images for the order of service can be tough, having the chance to share an abundance of treasured photos may be comforting. If you are having a wake or gathering after the funeral service, you may also be able to play the slideshow on a loop at your chosen venue. You can even set the memorial to your loved one’s favourite songs for an extra personal touch.

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