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Can Anyone Apply For A Funeral Plan?

We have made modern and classic funeral services so anyone can apply for a funeral plan in the Blackwood, Wales area.

So yes, anyone can apply. Choose from a variety of options by contacting us on 01443 830328 or visit our site for more detail into our plans.

Funeral Plan Instalments

Funeral Plan Instalments

All funeral directors will have variation on the payment plans they offer. Of course at Stanley J Nicholas Ltd, we provide a full payment option where the fee is paid in one purchase.

However an instalment plan makes funeral arrangements more applicable for those who wish to spread out payments.

A 12 monthly payment plan is where you can pay in monthly instalments up to a year. This is a good instalment option for spreading the cost at no extra charge.

This applies to all of our different plans, but obviously if you’ve chosen the premier plan, that payment could take a lot longer then say the basic plan.

Another payment plan offered is the low cost instalment option. This makes it even easier for anyone to apply for a funeral plan.

You can pay small amounts into a balance via direct debit over an agreed term between 2 & 30 years for our premium plans . Basic plans however, have an agreed term of 2-10 years.

These instalment prices can be agreed when arranging your plan, so you can choose an appropriate fee to pay in instalments based on how many services/features your funeral will have.

The Fixed monthly payment route is also an option.  This consists of a payable direct debit every month until your death or turn 90 years old.

If you wanted to put a higher direct debit amount in per month, you would be enabling yourself to a higher quality of funeral.

Stanley J Nicholas Ltd gives you the freedom and variety when choosing a  funeral plan based on your needs and wants. We make it so that anyone can apply for a funeral plan.

Funeral Plans For Over 50

When you reach 50, thoughts begin to emerge about your funeral. “What service do I want” ? or “What happens if I die before paying”

At Stanley J Nicholas Ltd, all 4 of our funeral plans are applicable to over 50s. Our basic plan is also available if needed. The Fixed monthly payment plan starts at 50 years old, whereas the other payment plans can start at 18.

If you are more serious about planning yours or a loved ones funeral when turning 50, head to our website for details on each plan and its applicable payment.

What Is Included In A Funeral Plan ?

What is included is very dependent on what service you wish to choose. We have options available so that anyone can apply for a funeral plan.

The value plan offers a competitive price with our services as well as a hearse but no limousine.

The standard plan  comes with a higher price as it includes the same attributes of the value plan with an option for a higher allowance on third party costs.

The select plan offers these 2 plans services as well as one limousine for  higher price.

Our premier plan offers everything covered in the previous plans as well as another limousine for a higher price.

The basic plan option doesn’t offer as many services but comes at a cost saving price.

See our website for a full rundown of these plans and their details.


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Funeral Plan Prices

As discussed prices on the plan depend on the quality of said plan.

Our basic plan starts at £1,749 – with an option for £500 for third party costs.

The value plan then rises to £2,895 – with an option of £800 for third party costs.

Our standard plan price starts at £3,495 – with an option for £1,100 for third party costs.

The select plan then increases to £3,850 – with a third party cost allowance of £1,100 as well.

Finally the Premier plan, our most expensive plan starts at £4,099 – with an allowance of £1,100 as well for third party costs.


We have made sure that there are funeral plans anyone can apply for. If you require more information, contact us today or visit out site.

We hope we can help you during your time of need.

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