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4 Creative Ways To Remember A Loved One

Finding ways to remember a loved one can help to keep their memory alive. If you’re dealing with a personal loss, read our helpful guide to find out 4 creative ways to honour them. 

1. Advocate For a Good Cause

Advocating for a good cause is a touching way to remember a loved one. Perhaps they regularly donated to a particular charity, made cakes for a bake sale, or volunteered at non-profit organisations. If so, following in their footsteps may make you feel closer to the person you have lost. In the instance that they passed away from a disease or illness, campaigning to raise money for a relevant healthcare organisation is also a wonderful purpose.

2. Wear Memorial Jewellery

Remember a loved one by having a piece of jewellery made in their honour. Memorial jewellery comes in a range of styles and products, so it is easy to find something that meets your tastes. You could have treasured photos placed into a locket, or engrave someone’s handwriting into a bracelet. Alternatively, keep part of the person you have lost with you forever by having some of their ashes made into jewellery.

3. Plant A Tree To Remember A Loved One

Plant a tree or flower in your garden to honour the memory of the person you have lost. Watching it grow can be a truly rewarding experience, especially when it comes into bloom. You could even sprinkle some of their ashes underneath, or place garden furniture nearby so you can sit and remember them. Though many people may grow roses or lilies in a person’s memory, you can also opt for their favourite plant or shrub.

4. Get A Memorial Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are an increasingly popular way of remembering a loved one. In fact, many people have someone’s handwriting tattooed, a quote, or favourite flower. Meaningful coordinates are also a lovely sentiment, or the dates of someone’s birth and death. However, if you prefer more complex artwork, you could even opt for a portrait of your loved one. Dedicating a tattoo to someone that you have lost is a beautiful and personal way to honour them, and the possibilities are endless.

Remember a loved one

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