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The Pros & Cons Of Funeral Wishes In Your Will

Writing your will can be a difficult but rewarding experience. It provides the utmost peace of mind that your assets, property and possessions are protected after your death. So, where do funeral wishes come into play, and are these wishes held to the same standard in the eyes of the law? This guide will break down everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision during this challenging process.

Funeral Wishes & The Law

The most important thing to note is that funeral wishes are not legally binding in a will. This is because your body is not part of your estate (which is protected under the law), so there is no obligation for your funeral wishes to be executed to your desired specifications. Instead, the buck is passed to your executor(s), who will be responsible for your burial. However, this is not to say including your funeral wishes in your will is a pointless endeavour. Your funeral wishes are more likely to be respected if you make your executors and family members aware of your preferences. The executor(s) ultimately have the final say and the law has no control over this aspect of your will. This is a conversation you should have with your next-of-kin and executor(s) so they’re informed of your wishes. Record them somewhere other than your will for contingency.

There are some caveats to this process. If you have multiple executors, they must make collaborative decisions on your funeral service and burial. If your executor is not a family member, or are a professional institution (law firm), they may defer to the family to arrange your service. Regardless if you declare your final wishes or not, the executor(s) of your will have the final say, irrespective of the family’s input. Making your funeral wishes known in your will or other mediums can simplify the process for your executors, but there are other options available.

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Benefits Of A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

If you want more control over your funeral plans and burial wishes, consider investing in a pre-paid funeral plan. At Stanley J Nicholas, you’re able to customise your own bespoke funeral service without interference from other mediums. Instead, you’ll work closely alongside us to design a service that meets your unique specifications. You can also prevent the cost being delegating to your loved ones. You have the option to pay for your funeral plan over an affordable installment period. A funeral plan can be arranged regardless of age, so we recommend starting early to spread out the cost. For peace of mind and security in the future, it’s more than worth it.

A pre-paid funeral plan has the dual benefit of alleviating the cost from your loved ones and the comfort that everything has been arranged to meet your specifications. Your funeral plan will be held with Perfect Choice Funeral Plans. Regardless of choice, you can have complete confidence we’ll honour your wishes.

Bespoke Funeral Plans With Stanley J Nicholas

We’re here to support you every step of the way, regardless of what you decide. We want to make the process easier for you and your loved ones. For more information on our funeral plans, call us today on 01443 830328. Our experienced and empathetic team are fully qualified to guide you through this distressing process. Contact us for more information.

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